Doublebit Narrative is a brand language studio. With more than 25 years of combined branding experience and a passion for turning ideas into real stuff that matters, we founded Doublebit to work with brave brands—ones with guts and grit.

Headquartered in Industry City in Brooklyn, we invite our clients into our workspace to craft the way their brands look, speak, and behave—through the power of language.


Caitlin Barrett  Partner

Caitlin Barrett

Paula Pou  Partner

Paula Pou


While every project is led by one or both partners, we build our project teams from our incredible network of branding experts, professional namers, comedy writers, semioticians, and copywriters. 


Doublebit is a reference to a double-bit axe. We picked it for a few reasons. First, it's a balanced tool that does double duty: one side is sharpened to split; the other to chop. We thought it was a good metaphor for how we tackle problems (with the right tool and the right edge).

It's also a tool that's pretty real to us: Our passion project, Project Woodchips, puts city dwellers (like you, like us) in touch with traditional woodsman skills, like chopping, splitting, and throwing. And we love seeing our friends, colleagues, and clients in the woods.